Thank you, lafpi

Our neighbor has a sign on his front door that says, “Something wonderful is about to happen.” That’s the feeling I have every time I send a play out into the world.

I’ve sent my romantic comedy, Sunday Dinner, to anyone who asks for it. I’ve sent it to Iran, where a student says he is translating it. I’ve sent it to a high school sophomore who was going to report back after his production. I’m waiting to hear. I’m also waiting to hear from a couple in Manitowoc, Wisconsin who were going to get back to me with comments on their informal reading. I’ve emailed it to Kenya and to the British Virgin Islands and to a playhouse in Lancaster, U.K. Did they like it? Did they read it? Did they produce it?

“Night and Silence. Who is there?”  Day and Silence, too.

However, one wonderful thing did happen and it happened because of the lafpi!

A couple of years ago, when the lafpi was first formed, I saw a post on the lafpi info list in which a company in Italy asked for ten minute plays for a festival in Rovereto, Italy. I submitted one and heard back that it was to be produced as part of the festival.

I heard nothing more and wrote back after a few months, after the festival was supposed to have been held. The A.D., Leonardo Franchini, replied that his company had been unable to stage my play. I think it was because the actors had left for another job.

He asked. “Do you have a full length play?” I did. I sent him Sunday Dinner and then I actually heard back. Leonardo, who is a terrific novelist and journalist as well as a theatrical producer, liked it and translated it.   Sunday Dinner became e cosi anche tua suocera? Compagnia dell’Attimo produced it twice, once in 2011 and once in 2012.

I have taken to saying, “Ciao,” and talking with my hands. And I am very happy that I am part of the wonderful lafpi.

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