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So, we were eating dinner last Saturday night and I was attempting to make my 82-year-old friend laugh. We were talking politics, free-associating and marveling about how we could still be surprised about the things people do.

I was reading the news aloud from my Smart phone and came upon a story about a nineteen-year-old, unmarried mother who’d been smoking dope in the park with her baby-daddy when they decided they needed more beer.

So, logically, they got into their vehicle and began to drive to the nearest liquor store. On the way, he was arrested on an aggravated DUI. Pissed off, the young mother drove to a friend’s house where she smoked more dope.

She left around midnight and drove off, leaving her five-week-old baby strapped in his car seat on the roof of her vehicle. She got home, realized she’d lost her baby, back-tracked, received a cell phone call from her friends who found him in the middle of a street, miraculously, still in his car seat and totally unharmed.

Of course, good Samaritans had found him first and called 911. So, yes, when the mother arrived at the scene, she was promptly arrested on, yes, wait for it, an aggravated DUI. Of course, this led me to think about Mitt’s Romney’s Irish Setter, Seamus’, family vacation experience, which led me to my idea.

I started writing around midnight. Got to page five and went to bed. Sunday, I wrote another five pages and was happy with my 10-minute play. Monday, I revised the first ten pages and added two. By the end of Tuesday, I had sixteen pages. And Wednesday, I had a nineteen-page one-act and an idea for extending it into a full-length play.

Apparently, it’s funny, although, according to one, not so much. However, after working for more than two years on a psychological drama, after not writing for four months due to work commitments, I am excited about writing again. Especially something that is total escapism.

So, as of last Friday, I had my summer writing schedule all planned out. I had tweaked my summer Google calendar endlessly over the week preceding. I had the research for my next play bookmarked and ready to read. Then, I had this idea. I am posting this today, because I’m writing this weekend. Funny how that happens 🙂

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