The courage to say things out loud…

This reminded me of moments onstage when someone says something that changes the temperature in the room.

I want to remember the expressions of their faces as they talked about this on camera.

I want to remember how powerful a personal truth is – even as it has its detractors.

The Interview with Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer




2 thoughts on “The courage to say things out loud…

  1. I have really enjoyed your articles this week; they have been empowering to say the least. I especially enjoyed this interview with Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. It was wonderful to hear them speak on the issues facing black actresses. While I understand the “argument” about not having roles, “Ebonics”, and the constant reference to August Wilson (because he’s the only black writer to have his work – out there), I find it puzzling that even now it’s still only August out there. I love August Wilson’s work, it is liberating and familiar; I’m glad it’s out there but there really is room for other writers of color to have their work out there too. What I wish is that the way into the room wasn’t so darn elusive. I saw Viola Davis in FENCES on Broadway; she was superb. After the show, I could not get close enough to her to tell her “I had characters she might want to sink her teeth into” and you can be darn sure, there are no Ebonics in my work because I do not write “black urban” stories. I have no problem with THE HELP being about maids, my grandmother was a maid at one time – being a maid was the last job she had before she retired. I recently found a note in some of her old things recommending her for a domestic job. I am happy that finally, the story (part of the story) is being told. And, I am even happier that Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer are nominated for Oscars — which they deserve to win — for their performances.

    Regarding your statement on personal truth, I appreciate it and will refer to it as I make my way up the slippery slope of “what to write”…

    “I want to remember how powerful a personal truth is – even as it has its detractors. “

    I have an opportunity to write a 10-minute piece on what it means to be a black woman today and my personal truth does not fit the verbalized norm. I am not sure I can squeeze any of it into 10 minutes nor am I sure I want to…go there…now… because it’s a piss off point. A playwright friend of mine has been telling me to write it anyway so all this week I have been trying to find a snippet to write… So, here’s to trying to write something and submit it before the 15th. Thank you for sharing such wonderful stuff.

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