Show of hands…

Throwing it open to the bloggers and any readers who want to weigh in – how about we take these gems of wisdom we’ve been writing in this space and collect them into a book? Let’s see a show of hands… (in the comments section).

Secondly, how should we determine what goes in? Should we pick our own top five? And then appoint an evaluation team? Or throw the selection process open to voting by the bloggers?

Finally, is anyone besides the bloggers reading these postings? Show of hands (down there in the comments section)?


And now relax and enjoy a little winter wonderland… and let us be thankful we’re not shoveling it or driving in it.

Kings Canyon, March 2010

7 thoughts on “Show of hands…

  1. Throughout the 76 weeks that we have been blogging, publishing has always been the next progression…like writing musicals — the character sings at the point where speaking can no longer get the point across. Listening to our voice which is as individual as it is collective; the big picture is that we are artists having our say… And, what we have to say is universal. I have always said that our blog makes a person think… Personally, when I’ve been moved to think about something, I don’t always comment on it outside myself. I love the sound of our blog…the woodwinds, the brass, the strings and the percussion instruments. We are soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass — our words are chicken soup and tea for a rainy day, sweet potato pie for a sunny one, and spice for everything in between…

  2. I like this idea – as a co-blogger and reader of the blog – perhaps the bigger question is to ask who would buy this collection/read it? If we can get a big picture and select works that specifically work within that picture, we might indeed have ourselves a marketable project.

    I’ve done some editing and layout for journals before, so I would be very happy to throw my hat in the ring in that regard if we decide to move forward.



  3. do it do it DO IT! The blog is such and important part of what we’re doing – a way to keep the energy and inspiration and creative thinking out there even during the times we struggle to get together in person. Thanks to all of your diverse voices and approaches, and I think it would be fabulous for you all to be represented in a collection.

  4. This is a fabulous idea, Nancy. Please, bloggers, do this! I vote: self-select your 7-10 best blog posts (per writer) and use that as the collection for the anthology. (That way, there’s at least “a week’s worth” of each voice.) Also, the LA FPI blog is read more widely than it may seem. If this blog were to go away, your voices and insights would be greatly missed!!

    PS – Nancy, I love King’s Canyon.

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