Blogging as an emotional thermometer….

All this week I’ve been crammed into blocks of time that have been frantic, noisy, chaotic pieces of work.

None of the blocks were my writing blocks – rather my day job. My day job that now spans into a day and night job this week. I’m seeing the balance of being able to devote any focus or head room into my play just evaporate these past few weeks. SSSSSSsssssszzzzzztttt……

I have big boxes to move around in my head (family cancer), (refinancing the mortgage), (a cat who is now wearing an eye patch and a big cone on her head).

Then there are the little boxes (another play is being considered at a big theatre – how long does it take to make a decision on that?), (my unfinished Lilith art piece that needs to done by December 20th), and not the least of it all (is there gas in my car?)  Any box will do rather than visit the big empty box where the life of my play sits waiting for me.

None of which makes for a compelling share on this blog – and I’m rather shamed that I don’t have more to offer.  I kept putting off writing on the blog here this week: surely I’ll come up with SOMETHING worth sharing.

I would like to offer a blog that has become compelling reading for me, written by the daughter of a friend of mine:  Dash and Bella.  She lives up in Berkeley and she writes about cooking with her children (she is a accomplished chef, was a Julliard dancer, and has a very interesting and multi-layered life).  Its her candor  in her blog, her sprinkled profanities and wonder that make her writing so personal and exploratory.  I wasn’t keen on her adventure with the cow heart, but then, she’s so brave about writing about all of what she experiences.  And I guess that inspirational to me.

The Blog – Dash and Bella by Phyllis Grant



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