No whining allowed.

The shocking thing is just when I start to believe I understand, I realize I know nothing. To me experiencing growth feels like bits of candy exploding on my tongue after a quick chew; sweet and tart. Bittersweet.

I’ve been pondering, gnashing my teeth, and thinking aloud over dinner with a patient friend for months over Water Closet, and yet, I’ve rewritten not one word. I realized this week I may have learned a bit or two from the Waffle experience, so it is possible I may reshuffle and rewrite WC before I’m dead from trying. It feels as much like a roll of the dice, although I know it is supposed to be craft. I hope that I’m up to the task. For it’s due in New York by September 16th.

I began the night with a bit of bubbly caffeinate. However rather than keep me awake, exhausted by my work week, I am headed for bed. In the morning I work in the garage and get the roomies car washed, and have to get to the Grand Opening of the museum exhibit by 4pm where my film Mendez v. Westminster: Families for Equality is being featured through June 2012. How can I write when my job consumes my days?

Then I remember. Sunday is September 11th. And I think how pitiful is my complaint.

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