When you hear your words in someone else’s mouth…

A statue that I saw in Paris...A TED Talk on the immediate presence of theatre by Patsy Rodenburg

A week ago, I had a “green read” of one of my scripts, THE LOST YEARS, and I’m not the same now. The Seedlings at the Theatricum Botanicum hosted the green read of the script so I could hear it read outloud. I’d had a reading of the first act with the Dramatist Guild Footlights Series a couple of years ago – now I was able to hear the whole script. I didn’t expect to be so surprised by the actors. They were good. They were very good. They were so good they took the characters places I didn’t imagine or intend or realize.

I had a few friends who listened to the reading with me, and their comments really helped steady me to the feedback and perspective of the reading. I wanted to wait a few days before I looked at the script again, so I could filter my immediate reactions to a more thoughtful mindset. Mostly, I wanted to let the memory of the laughter subside – because I love it (maybe too much) when an audience laughs with something I’ve written. Now I’m back in re-writes and I’m so grateful for the reading, because now I can hear/see/feel the immediate presence of theses characters I’ve written. Now they seem more alive. Where’s my coffee and aspirin…

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