I live in a noisy world – and travel in a bubble of traffic, work, computers, machines, multiple voice over tracks and an occaisional hungry cat asking for better cat food. Silence is something that I generally live without. During the recent reading of THE LOST YEARS, I experienced the power of ….the pause.  I think I forgot how powerful, and artful, a pause can be.  One of the actors held a beat to look at someone he was talking with, and the brief moment of silence around his words, spoke volumes.  I know that pacing in a scene is something that can be burst like a soap bubble if the rhythm is thrown off by actors pausing for effect.  But this was different – and I so appreciated the risk the actor took to find that moment.  Too many o f those moments and it would have been – longer.  I loved this talk on listening, and I’m trying to find three minutes of silence every day, so I can hear the world in a clearer way.

 Ted Talk on Listening

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  1. I love this. I like pauses and the act of listening to the silence. Sometimes an entire conversation can be had in what is not said. Suzan-Lori Parks uses the pause exceptionally well in her work.

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