Significant? Or not?

You’ve written a youthful male character (30s-40s). However the director casts a youthful actor (mid-late 50s). Significant or not?

You’ve written a jukebox musical using music in the public domain, and the “old-time” music vs a 21st century high-tech world theme is embedded into the text. The music director decides to modernize the sound of the music. Significant or not?

You’ve written a drama about the nature of love. However the actor playing the love interest decides to portray his character as if mocking his female love interest. Significant or not?

You are invited to a rehearsal of a play you wrote. You are invited to provide feedback to the actors. You do. The next day you find out that the actor couldn’t reconcile your feedback with the way he had chosen to portray the character, and the director told him to forget about what you said. Significant or not?

Is it better to have your play produced for the sake of being produced even if it doesn’t look or sound like what you wrote? Or not? Please comment 🙂

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