Stones in the Garden…

I’ve always wanted a garden even though I don’t know much about growing things.  I have destroyed a rubber plant twice and they’re supposed to be hard to kill.  I keep thinking that if I have a designated place for plants, they will grow well with water, air and soil and maybe a few stones here and there.  Certain plants need more or less sun than others.  I don’t know the exact planting season for each plant – hope it is on the package of seeds.  What I do know, is the smell and feel of good soil, played in enough of it as a child while digging up ant hills and worms.  I could always find at least one worm under a dug up stone.  The worms were always found in the best part of the soil.  Why did I spend so much time in dirt?  Feeding the pet ants of course!  Yeah, yeah, they didn’t know they were our pets but me and my big brother visited them all summer long with crumbs and water and ice cream so they were “pets.”  And, if we were careful, we could see the tunnels virtually intact once we started the excavation.

The observation and excavation skills I learned those summers work well when I’m writing or collecting moments for my writing.  I have to see the inner workings of things mainly because I believe there is a reason for everything and what’s on the inside affects your outside world more than you know.  So, when I say “does not cry” it is because I am hinting at a backstory to that character not trying to direct the actor.  I am lifting stones to get to the worm-filled soil.  My mother used to tell me that the worms made the soil good; at first sight a worm can appear to be an icky thing but ultimately the icky-ness is what enriches the soil or story…  The simple smell of it is as wonderful as spring rain on pavement and the feel of it in the hands always takes me back to the beginning of things…the place of possibility…


  • By Nancy Beverly, May 31, 2011 @ 8:08 am

    Wonderful metaphor and visuals!! (And good luck w/ the plants 🙂

  • By Robin Byrd, May 31, 2011 @ 7:15 pm

    Thanks, Nancy. I’m glad you could see it, sometimes I wonder if what I see when I’m writing comes out in the writing. This year I have a tomato plant growing in a “hang me from somewhere high thing”. I had to have help because the seeds may have expired on me – forgot to read the package and didn’t have any soil. As punishment, my friend (my help) hung them high some place where I can’t get to them till their done growing. So, technically, I still don’t have a garden… Next year, I’ll be on time and make sure I don’t have to borrow any soil.

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