In other words…

One of the things I love so much about the LAFPI is the feeling of momentum.  The artists driving this ship intend to move beyond the present and create a more active future for female playwrights -which sounds strangely contradictory, for the momentum of “Now” is incredibly active – but I imagine the “future active” as something beyond our current state of inspired revolution, and more along the lines of a more inspired Theatrical Canon.

And when I think of just how to do that, I get all over tingly with potential and anticipation.

And when I get all over tingly with theatrical inspiration like that, I go searching for like-minded people…

Which is how I found out about, Arena Stage’s New Play Institute blog, where I read this blog post today- an interview with Marissa Chibas on the need for aesthetic diversity on stage.  I can’t say I agree with her on all points, but her passion and enthusiasm for change was motivating… because the point at hand for many individuals and organizations such as the LAFPI’s, who’s gathering point is some version of “How do we get theatre to better reflect the world we live in”, is that we are all working against a very stubborn stagnation of thought, so that even though my personal mission as a playwright and theatre -goer may differ from yours, I still celebrate our common desire for the American Theatre to be more.

In any case, as we move forward as an organization, it’s exciting to also pay attention to (and sometimes even learn from) those who are moving beside us.

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