Garlic Fingers

My whole kitchen smells like BBQ and I’m typing with fingers that have peeled more garlic than fingers should peel and yet… they’re really happy, these digits of mine, for making something delicious today.

You can’t always say that about your fingers, you know?

I mean, sometimes we labour (I prefer the “our” kind to the “or”) for (what feels like) eons on a project, only to ship it off to a respected pair of eyes and get naught but a raised eyebrow in return…

So it feels good to know that today I made something awesome, and that people will love it (because let’s face it, almost everyone loves themselves some springtime BBQ!) and now, as I sit working on other things less certain… well, the Muse celebrates a little instead of just holding her bated breath.

I think it’s important in this marathon we have selected to run, to remember the little joys and pleasures and the small victories in which we have some actual control.  It’s important to celebrate the satisfaction in crafting a thing, no matter how pedestrian and it’s important to remember that we ARE mighty – even if our might shows up a bit more readily (sometimes) in the crock pot than on the page 😉

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