A Material World

Today is Black Friday in States. This is the day where all the good little consumers get out and spend, spend, spend in order to keep the economy afloat one more year.

I thought this playwriting quote would be appropriate for today.

Recently in a room full of playwrights and directors, a wise old playwright stood up and said this:

I don’t like my plays to be called material because I’m not a tailor. I’m a playwright. I write plays. 

This led to a round of applause from the playwrights in the room. A few directors looked baffled. 

Please directors, it’s a play. It’s not material. You’re not making a dress. I made the dress. Now, you get to style it. 

I might be a material girl, but my play is not a material world. 

Gosh I love the old school Madonna references. HeeHee!

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