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Click here to see Todd Barton's video link.

This week has been a surprise. I’ve written on a blog for the first time.

I’ve been able to write – bits and drabs – about mannequins and costumes.

I wasn’t able to write about character arcs or third act slumps or about the craft of playwriting.

But amidst my own mind babble (shut up with the complaining: no one’s making you write) or inspiration (connecting threads from the past), I let go of some of my dread.

I wanted to share this link from Todd Barton, a friend from my past; he’s a great feminist, composer and artist. Years ago, we collaborated on a great idea for a children’s interactive video game (build your own flying carpet/city with music you create in a keyboard game). It was a great idea…in its time.  But he’s created some inspirational music for theatre that can spark some great ideas and feelings. I asked his permission to post his link here.

Thank you to LA FPI for giving me the nudge to share on this blog. I begin again tomorrow with my writers group.

So here’s to tomorrow.

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  • By Diane Grant, November 8, 2010 @ 10:58 am

    Thank you so much for sharing this link to Todd Barton’s work. What an amazing man.


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