Playwrights I Love

Hello everyone, I’m back. I begin my week with a tribute.

I wanted to do a tribute to all the playwrights whose work I love. I figured I would write little essays filled with wit and insight that would make the reader sit back in his or her cubicle and say, yes, yes, now that’s a playwright.

However, my ambitions very quickly hit a wall and well, the wall won. First of all, I had the problem of living playwrights. If I include one living playwright and not another, the left-out playwright would feel jealous and probably cry out, why not me! I thought she was my friend, I thought she loved me!! So no living playwrights.

Second, as my list of dead playwrights grew longer and longer, I realized that it would take a very long time to write about them all, so I thought about using twitter form and limiting myself to 140 characters. However, 140 characters is still a lot of characters, so I decided to limit myself to 21 characters.

So here are fourteen dead playwrights that I love in no particular order:

1. Marguerite Duras: Oui!

2. Samuel Beckett: (mdr) lol+wut

3. Witold Gombrowicz: !!-!@****&####

4. Brendan Behan: do yet gud

5. Henrik Ibsen: (====)

6. Tennessee Williams: ^^ + ^^ = TW

7. Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz: ~~~~~~~~~~~

8. William Shakespeare:   ) + (

9. William Inge: $-:-}=~

10. Anton Chekhov: ^^ bang!

11. Jean Cocteau: /////\\\\\/////\\\\

12. Sean O’Casey: {@+}

13. Eugene O’Neill: ~~~~~~_/)~~~~~~~~

14. Bertolt Brecht:  ) + ( = on

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