Yes, Sure, Okay, Yes


In the last few months, instead of thinking oh no, I can’t do that, no, no, no, I’ve adapted a yes attitude. Yes, yes, sure I can, okay yeah, yes. When the Los Angeles Female Playwrights asked if I could blog for the website, I said yes, sure, okay even though I had no idea how to blog my story as a playwright.

 When I look at the LAFPI logo, my brain sometimes says, LAFF P.I. Then, I remember the opening for Magnum P.I.  and that awesome score and those great helicopter shots of Hawaii and Tom Selleck jumping into his Ferrari. Ahhhhhhh.

 Also, looking at LAFPI, my brain sometimes says, F.P.I. Hi, I’m Special Agent Jen with the F.P.I., and I get to flash a really nifty badge. Then, I remember the opening of Silence of the Lambs when Jodi Foster is running the obstacle course. Running from what? Running to where? Just running.

 But I digress. Back to yes.

 My playwriting career has been a lot of no, no, no you can’t do that, well maybe we could…but no. However, there have been enough yeses through the years to sustain me. I have learned that if I stumble out of the way of myself long enough, more yeses come. Lots of yeses. . .and more and more and more.

 If you look at my playwriting career in purely financial terms, well, its favorite color is red. Then again, after the financial meltdown in which the banks pretended to be crazy artists, my playwriting career is smack dab in the middle of the zeitgeist.

 Actually, I wouldn’t mind a bailout of my own. Three hundred billion would be a little ostentatious. How about three hundred thousand? I’ve got my eye on a really cute pair of pumps.

 But who am I really as a playwright?

 On my favorite guilty pleasure reality competition show, Project Runway, the designer contestants are asked early in the competition to make a dress to show the judges who they are as a designer. Usually, the designers are given one day and three hundred dollars, and they must drape, cut, and sew lightning fast. Go! Go! Go!

 If I made a playwriting dress, it would be full length with clean lines. It would be the color of the ocean. At first glance, it might seem classical, but it will have some twists to it. Maybe it would have hints of animal print or bright colors. It would be symmetrical (no one-shoulder business) and have a razor back. It would probably have a plunging neckline. My playwriting dress is comfortable and sexy and allows for a lot of movement. Worn with confidence, my playwriting dress is a show stopper on the red carpet, and I can walk a really strong walk in it.

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