There’s Always Something

I’m addicted to writing. It’s something I can’t stop doing. 

Through the years, I’ve tried to stop. I’ve said to myself, after this script, I’ll stop, I’ll have said everything I need to say on the page, I’ll put the pen down, exit out of the word document, and I’ll be done with the writing thing, I’ll get a respectable job with good wages and benefits that utilizes more than half my brain, and I’ll settle down and watch Primetime TV at night, and the whole writing thing will be just another story from my young adulthood, and I’ll no longer have strange dreams. 


I apologize for that onslaught of commas, gentle reader. 


Usually as I’m finishing that last script, I get an idea for something else, so I have to write that. I just have to. 

Hi, I’m Jen, and I’m a writing-holic. 

There’s always something more in the pen that’s gotta get out. There’s always something, so I put my brain onto that new thing, that next thing. There’s this idea I have and it’s. . . . . 

There’s always something to write. Even in the times of darkness and misery, there’s always something. 

If my life was a movie, all this writing would be a two-minute montage with pop music playing in the background. However, I find the best writing happens in the stillness and in the silence or when I’m on my feet running. Running. Running.

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