I met twenty authors late Tuesday morning, including Tina Fey, Victor Hugo, Jennifer Weiner, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Okay. I really met twenty young adult students who had each chosen a famous published author, and witnessed two reader’s theater presentations that they prepared. The stagings featured an excerpt from each of the author’s work, and were directed by an amazing female actor/teacher, who was also featured in one of the readings of my play FREED last fall.

I entered the auditorium with an open mind, several blank sheets of paper, and a mechanical pencil. I turned off my phone and Internet connection, sat forward to engage in their production, and begged their inspiration to shine down on me. I was enthralled for the full hour and a half.

In preparation for our work tomorrow, I’ve been writing for approximately the last twelve hours. I developed a 22-page lesson plan that compares my revisions to the title page, character list, and scene one of PHISHING; 2008 vs. 2010. Then I’ll leave it up to the kids to decide which version tells a better story. It should be an interesting morning.

More soon…

And they chose PHISHING 2010 🙂

Erica Bennett

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