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There is a rhythm – an inner rhythm – that bears witness to the deep things that move us… This rhythm keeps us going at it even with all the jolts and pot holes we must endure. It can put us in cruise control and get us there – to that next play that wants to be written. The play, like a baby due to be born, does not consider extenuating circumstances that may be in the way; it is oblivious. It just wants to be born at its appointed time. So, we honker down, raise our collars against the wind and go at it…rocking to our rhythms, keeping time, listening to our inner beats…writing our stories… At times, we must remind ourselves to shake off the lulls and keep pushing against the stones. Other times, we must remind ourselves to go into the meadow to rest a while before that next big PUSH – because we have to push…

I have been told that “crazy” is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. As a playwright, I tend to do just that – I start a play that spends all of me to complete – yet I expect not to be so utterly exhausted each time I type “The End.” I expect to stretch, take a day off then pull out my next project and get started right away. Instead, I am so spent; I have to take a moment. And, I have to be careful to take enough time to really rejuvenate my “self”, depending on the subject matter I was dealing with. I have to understand that “going at it” includes making sure I am squared away and ready for action. I have to exercise my body, relax my mind, and eat good healthy food especially after I’ve pulled marathons at the computer with less than adequate food and stretching breaks. I used to feel guilty about taking that time like there was some invisible code that prohibited rest breaks. I would put myself on rigorous schedules of write, submit, research, write, submit, research, research, write, write, submit – et cetera, et cetera, et cetera… The only time off I would take would be to see a play or read a play. Since I started exercising, my mind is clearer; I sleep better, feel better and even lost a few pounds. Now all I have to work in is just a little more “pamper” time that includes spas and long walks on the beach… There is something about the ebb and flow of the ocean that gives me strength…maybe it’s the rhythm – that whole “going at it” sort of rhythm…

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  • By Laura S., April 23, 2010 @ 9:42 am

    Robin, such excellent points about the mind-body connection for creative artists. I have so enjoyed reading all of your blog posts this week. Very inspirational! Thank you.

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